01/02/2014 09:26 EST | Updated 03/05/2014 05:59 EST

Video Shows Montreal Police Officer Threatening Panhandler

Montreal police have acknowledged the existence of a video on YouTube that shows a verbal altercation between an officer and an apparently homeless man dressed in shorts and a T-shirt on the coldest day of the winter so far.

The cellphone video, posted on Jan. 2 to YouTube, shows an officer telling the man (speaking French) that four people have complained about him because he was behaving aggressively while asking for change.

The officer continues, telling the man he has to calm down and find a place to warm up. Then he tells the man he swears he will tie him to a pole for an hour if he gets another complaint.

In English translation, the tweet above from Montreal police reads: "We have been made aware of the video, remarks are unacceptable, we're following up. Commander of the neighbourhood police station will meet with the officer in the next few hours."

Mayor Denis Coderre also commented about the video on Twitter:

In English translation, Coderre says, "The police officer's remarks are unacceptable. Commander is taking necessary measures. Am concerned about the homeless man's condition."

The person who posted the video to YouTube said it was shot outside the Jean-Talon Metro station around 3 p.m. ET.

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