01/06/2014 02:28 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 10:53 EST

Daniel Soch, Calgary's Dapper Dine-And-Dash Suspect, Arrested

Muse Restaurant

A dapper dine-and-dash suspect with a penchant for high-end eateries has been arrested in Calgary.

According to a post on Muse Restaurant and Lounge's Facebook page, the suspect feasted on fine dining at several restaurants in Calgary late last year and skipped out before paying the bill.

Calgary Police have charged Daniel Soch, 24, in connection with the incident.

On one occasion at Muse, after enjoying cocktails, a three-course meal and half bottle of wine, the man placed a dessert order, left a wallet on the table and told the server he was going to the washroom. He never came back and staff discovered that the wallet, similar to scam artist Frank Abagnale's tactic in 'Catch Me If You Can,' was filled with magazine clippings.

"Right away we knew it was a dine and dash," said Heather Wighton, co-owner of Muse Restaurant.

Two other high-end restaurants in Calgary, Blink and Teatro, reported similar incidents late last year, reports CTV Calgary.

The man, bespectacled and wearing a three-piece suit, was captured on camera before entering Muse, giving police a face to search for.

Stephen Deere, co-owner of Muse, was called by police in December to identify the suspect in a photo lineup at the station.

“After looking at several photos, I identified the man instantly,” said Deere.

Police say Soch failed to appear before court earlier this month, after being arrested and charged in late November, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Anyone with information as to his whereabouts are asked to call police.

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