01/06/2014 03:31 EST | Updated 03/08/2014 05:59 EST

Mayor Rob Ford upbeat about storm clean up

Mayor Rob Ford praised the progress clean up crews have made clearing fallen trees and branches after the December ice storm, but warned this week's extreme weather in the forecast may slow up efforts.

Ford announced that in eight weeks, "there shouldn't be a branch on anyone's property." So far, crews have removed all downed trees and branches in 20 of 160 zones in the city over the weekend. Ford was pleased with that pace.

When asked if Toronto required the assistance of the Canadian military, Ford laughed off the suggestion.

"No we don't need the army. It's ridiculous. Next question," he said.

His deputy mayor, Norm Kelly, raised the idea of calling in the army last week. Ford has rebuked the idea, as well as resisted calling the ice storm an emergency.

Still, the mayor said he expected the province to help out with costs associated with the storm. He called a special meeting of council to determine the response on Friday. He said all councillors would be in attendance.

"The province should absolutely help out with the clean up effort," said the mayor. "I look forward to giving the province the exact number on Friday."

Ford was also asked about David Soknacki, who filed for his candidacy for mayor on Monday morning.

"I look forward to debating David Miller's budget chief," Ford says with a smile, referencing Soknacki's position in the last mayoral administration.