01/06/2014 03:05 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 10:53 EST

Smartphone Test Of Wits: iPhone Users Fastest, BlackBerry Users Slowest


As if BlackBerry needed more bad publicity, along comes a new test suggesting users of the Canadian company’s smartphones are, well, a little slower than others.

An online test that measures how quickly users of various smartphones answer brain teasers finds iPhone users are the fastest, taking about five fewer seconds to complete the test, on average, than users of any other smartphone.

At the other end are BlackBerry users, with the slowest response times. BlackBerry users took 118 seconds to answer the seven brain teasers, while iPhone users took only 94 seconds.

In second place after the iPhone crowd were users of Google’s Nexus phone, at 99 seconds, followed by Samsung smartphone owners, at 103 seconds.

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How scientifically accurate the test is remains an open question. Aptly titled A Test of Wits, it was commissioned by TalkTalk Mobile, a U.K. wireless company, and put together by Ladbrokes, a British online gambling company. Each test-taker is asked to identify their smartphone before the test begins.

Despite iPhone users overall clocking the fastest times, the all-time fastest response came from a Samsung user, the Daily Mail reports, who took only 47 seconds to complete the test.

Some of the difference in response times could be explained by the differing demographics of smartphones. While iPhones are popular among youth, BlackBerrys are more common among the professional crowd, suggesting an older demographic — and perhaps, therefore, slower reflexes.

But BlackBerry users disheartened by this news can take some comfort in an earlier survey also carried out by TalkTalk Mobile. That survey, last summer, found BlackBerry users have the highest average income among smartphone users.

So BlackBerry users may not be the fastest, but at least they’re the richest.

Take the Test of Wits here.