01/06/2014 02:24 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 08:17 EST

Target Thinks Being Pregnant And Plus-Size Is The Same


Note to Target: Plus-size women aren't pregnant!

In a baffling display of ignorance about women's clothing, Target put a plus-size dress on a pregnant model. (What, did they run out of plus-size models?)

An observant shopper tipped off Jezebel to the online error, which showed a Target Merona Women's Plus-Size Short-Sleeve V-Neck Maxi Dress fitted on a maternity model on (The product has since been taken off the website.)

Comments on Jezebel have been understandingly outraged.

One reader wrote: "what I hate is that in store they have the maternity section right next to the plus size section - and they're not separated really except for the overhead sign. More than once I have accidentally wandered into the maternity side."

Another vented: "what gets my ire up is walking past a hundred racks of cute stuff in straight sizes to get to the ONE rack of hideous plus-size "clothes".

When reached for comment, a representative for Target said the image was an error due to "a garment at a photo shoot being mislabeled."

They added:

"We apologize for any discomfort or offense this error might have caused. As soon as we were made aware of the error, we worked to remove the image from This error was completely unintentional and the result of an unfortunate oversight. We appreciate the error being called to our attention and will work hard to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again."

This isn't the first time the American retailer has gotten into hot water over a plus-size snafu; in April, a shopper noticed that a grey plus-size dress was listed as "Manatee Gray" while the straight size was called "Dark Heather Gray."

Hey Target, here's an idea for you: Why don't you hire some actual plus-size models like Justine LeGault and Robyn Lawley?

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