01/07/2014 11:48 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 10:53 EST

Rob Ford, Doug Ford Hint Other Family Members May Run In 2014


Brace yourself, more Fords may be coming.

Toronto Councillor Doug Ford confirmed Monday morning that he will not run for re-election in October and will focus instead on keeping his brother in the mayor's chair.

Doug Ford is also keeping his sights on a potential run for the Ontario Progressive Conservatives in a provincial election expected this spring.

But it appears other members of the Ford family may be interested in the Ward 2 seat in Etobicoke North — the epicentre of "Ford Nation" — which Doug Ford won easily in 2010 and was held by his brother for 10 years before he became mayor.

Doug Ford told Jerry Agar of Newstalk1010 on Monday that his daughter Krista, a former Lingerie Football Player, wouldn't be running, even though he believes she has more common sense than most councillors.

"I'm not saying any other Fords aren't running," said Doug Ford. "I'm just saying Krista Ford is not running."

Doug Ford also laughed off the idea that his brother Randy would be interested, saying he "doesn't like politics."

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But the councillor's remarks sparked speculation about which Ford may step up to continue the right-wing dynasty. And it seems the frontrunners are Michael Ford, a young nephew who works for the family business, Deco Labels & Tags, and Doug's wife, Karla Ford.

Natalie Alcoba of The National Post wrote that Rob Ford said on his now defunct radio show back in October that "Mikey" wanted to run in the next election. Yet, the Ford brothers were tight-lipped about their nephew's potential candidacy at City Hall.

"You can put it together," Rob Ford told the newspaper. "There might be a couple Fords running in the next municipal election."

Michael Ford's Facebook page has him listed as an account executive at Deco and a counsellor at Camp Kandalore in Haliburton, Ont. It says he graduated high school in 2010. According to his LinkedIn profile, Michael Ford is expected to graduate from Humber College in 2016.

Michael Ford is the son of Doug and Rob's sister, Kathy, according to the Toronto Star,

The young man's rumoured interest in the seat was met with mockery by former Mississauga city councillor and longtime Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish, who called the Fords the "Kardashians of local politics."

Yikes. Welcome to politics, kid.

But Postmedia's Marc Weisblott wondered Monday if Doug's wife of 25 years, Karla, may pick up the mantle for Ford Nation.

Little is known about Mrs. Ford but she is rather active on Instagram under the username "fitmamalife."

In 2010, Doug Ford won Ward 2 with almost 72 per cent of the vote.

Toronto voters head to the polls on Oct. 27.

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