01/08/2014 11:56 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 10:53 EST

Real-Life 'Gap Mannequin' Is Hilarious And Stylish (PHOTOS)

Steve Venegas

We think Gap just found its newest model, and he comes cheap!

A Vancouver man is getting a lot of attention thanks to his Tumblr "The Gap Mannequin Project" which is filled with photos of him posing alongside, yep you guessed it, Gap mannequins.

The twist? Not only does he imitate the mannequins' poses but he wears matching outfits!

Steve Venegas, the brainchild and model behind the hilarious Tumblr, started taking the funny pics in 2009 and has since accumulated dozens of snapshots which show him posing in denim button-ups, sweaters, winter coats and vests.

The idea for the Tumblr started when the 30-year-old media and communications specialist was waiting for his wife Lauren to try on clothes at a Gap store. "I just noticed that I'm about mannequin sized and I thought it would make my wife laugh." Venegas shared on Twitter. "It did, so we shared with friends."

Venegas, who visits Vancouver-area stores about once a month, said that although he poses in the clothes, he doesn't actually buy them. Instead, he returns them to where he found them. (What a nice guy!)

The podcaster has been generating a lot of positive buzz for his fun photos, including a mention on "The Today Show" and a virtual high-five from Gap's director of social media who tweeted at him "thanks for the laugh."

Steve certainly made our day!

Check out the photos below:

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