01/08/2014 10:33 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 08:17 EST

Harper Protester Heckles 'Lying Scumbag,' Mocks Tory MPs As 'Clapping Seals' (VIDEO)

The prime minister's trip to British Columbia — a key battleground for the next federal election — has been, to put it lightly, eventful.

On Monday, two climate-change activists snuck on stage with Stephen Harper during an event in Vancouver. Harper laughed off the awkward security breach, saying "it wouldn't be B.C. without it," and police ultimately opted not to charge the protesters.

A day later, about 100 protesters greeted Harper before a Tory event in Mill Bay, expressing concerns about global warming and the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline. Many were reportedly chanting, "Hey-ho, Harper's got to go."

But a video posted to YouTube Tuesday by user DjBall, titled "Stephen 'Pinocchio' Harper Un-Welcomed in Vancouver," may highlight just how fired up some on the West Coast are about the Conservative government.

In the clip — which contains some foul language — a Vancouver protester repeatedly shouts at Harper that he is a "lying scumbag."

The video begins with the male protester confronting Vancouver South MP Wai Young as she waits to enter a car after an event.

"Maybe we'll try a little less clapping and jumping up like a seal in Parliament next session, yeah?" he asks.

The man also mocks her with seal noises, but it's unclear what Young says back to him.

Later, the protester heckles Harper and Industry Minister James Moore as they head to their waiting vehicles.

"Hey, Stephen Harper, start telling the truth! Hey, James Moore, you're a clapping seal buddy!" he yells from a distance.

But perhaps the most interesting exchange is between the protester and a courteous member of Harper's security detail.

"I watch this f*cker lie his ass off every day in Parliament, every f*cking day he lies. And what are you doing? You’re here protecting the scumbag," he says.

"Well, you know, I've got a job to do," the man replies.

The conversation brings to mind the words of former Mountie Chris Mathers, who said that unexpected moments like the security breach can happen in a free society.

"We don't limit people's movements in a democracy, we don't ask people for their papers at every corner and leaders of democratic nations understand that they're putting themselves in harm's way just by taking office, because you can't predict what's going to happen," he said.

Conservatives currently hold 21 of B.C.'s 36 federal seats.

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