01/08/2014 10:21 EST | Updated 03/10/2014 05:59 EDT

Ice storm cost Toronto $106M: report

The ice storm that hit Toronto and much of southern and eastern Canada, leaving hundreds of thousands without power in December will cost Toronto about $106 million, according to a report from the city.

The report, released Wednesday night, calls for city council to request that Toronto be declared a “disaster area” for the purposes of funding from the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program (ODRAP).

“The scope and magnitude of this extreme winter storm was unprecedented,” the report read, mentioning damages to parks, infrastructure and lost revenue.

- Read the report here.

The report comes only two days before Friday’s council meeting, where council is expected to ask the provincial and federal government for assistance.

“We understand that on Friday council will consider the report asking for Toronto to be declared a disaster area,” a letter from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing said. “Should this report pass a council vote, our ministry will work with the city to review its eligibility for ODRAP.”

The ice storm, which began on Dec. 21, produced a large amount of freezing rain that coated the city, resulting in downed power lines from fallen trees.

At the peak of the power outages, more than 300,000 Toronto Hydro customers were without power. Many went days without power through the holidays.