01/09/2014 11:10 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 10:53 EST

Kevin O'Leary Makes A Fool Of Himself On CNBC (VIDEO)

Kevin O'Leary isn't exactly known for carefully considering his arguments, but this takes things to a new low.

The millionaire CBC personality appeared on CNBC Tuesday to debate Rolling Stone's Jesse Myerson about his piece on economic reforms millennials should be fighting for. O'Leary is well-practiced at telling young people they're poor because they're lazy and seems to have decided he could slack a bit on the preparation.

The moment it all falls apart? (Watch at 1:56.)

"You didn't read the piece, did you?"

Ruh, roh.

In case you were wondering, Myerson's story clocks in at a mind-bending 1,210 words, or roughly a seven minute read.

As Tannara Yelland writes on The Albatross, "This man suffers from either utter incompetence or such baffling hubris that he failed to do even the barest preparation for his appearance, which was to read a five-point listicle."

You can see the rest of the embarrassing segment here.

(H/T to The Albatross)

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