01/09/2014 02:12 EST | Updated 03/11/2014 05:59 EDT

Mystery cellphone calls 911 nearly 400 times in Sarnia

The Sarnia Police Service has received nearly 400 911 calls from the same cellphone number since Dec. 25.

Police say the phone is most likely a Rogers customer and has no SIM card. 

Police are concerned someone received a new phone for Christmas and passed their old one off to their child without realizing that a 911 call can still be made on a cellphone with no SIM card or even no service. 

The Sarnia Police Service is unable to obtain any subscriber information on the phone but is able to identify a location which is within a one-kilometer radius of Wellington and Stuart streets.

When the police communication centre answers the call, there is a garbled message. Operators believe the caller could be a small child or possibly someone with a disability.

The 911 call centre has received calls every day since Christmas Day. In total, 361 calls have been placed, 58 of them in on one day.