01/10/2014 02:34 EST | Updated 03/12/2014 05:59 EDT

911 Calls From Sarnia Student Reached 370 Before Police Pull The Plug

uniquely india via Getty Images

SARNIA, Ont. - Police in southwestern Ontario say a mystery caller who placed 370 calls to the Sarnia Police Service since Christmas Day has been identified.

Investigators say the caller is a 10-year-old hearing impaired and developmentally delayed student who cannot speak and attends a Sarnia public school.

An educational assistant at the school heard the story about the 911 calls and informed a teacher.

The teacher was aware that the student enjoyed playing with gadgets and lived in the area police had identified as the source of the calls.

The parent of the student had removed the SIM card before giving the cellphone to the child, believing that it would have no service capabilities.

Police say the child was not aware that 911 was being contacted each time a call was made.


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