01/10/2014 01:57 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Camu Camu Powder: How To Incorporate The Superfood Into Your Life

Juice out of Camu camu berry fruits (lat. Myrciaria dubia) which are grown in the Amazon region and have a very high Vitamin C content (Selective Focus, Focus on the front rim of the glass)

In the midst of winter, it's easy for North Americans to feel vitamin-deprived and start searching for a supplement to bring back the sunshine. And that's where camu camu comes in. The Peruvian "superfruit" is reported to have 60 times the vitamin C of an orange, and helps our bodies' immune systems in a variety of other beneficial ways.

When vitamin C comes from a plant source like camu camu berries, it is more readily used by the body to protect the immune and nervous systems and fight infections with its anti-viral properties, according to

Due to their sour flavour, the berries are not usually eaten whole, but instead, crushed into a powder or pulp, making them very convenient to add to recipes. Camu camu is also sold in capsule form, or as a juice, though this latter form is harder to find in North America. The powder and capsules are readily available at natural food stores and online.

Take a look at these 10 ways you can incorporate camu camu into your daily routine, and let us know if you've found some new ideas in the comments below.

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Camu Cider

As the recipe notes, heating camu camu powder can decrease its nutrient power, so wait until the end of creating this yummy warming drink to put it in.

Learn how to create this at Navitas Naturals.

Camu And Mango Frozen Yogurt

This awesomely refreshing recipe doesn't need anything as fancy as an ice cream maker — simply freeze the mango into cubes, add yogurt and voila.

Learn how to create this at Bioglan.

Camu Grapefruit Slushy

Smoothies and slushies are often where camu camu can be found, as it's so easy to just plop another ingredient into the blender. The citrus taste of grapefruit is particularly suited to the berry.

Learn how to create this at MyCuppaYoga.

Camu Camu And Mango Yogurt Pops

These gorgeous yogurt pops utilize camu camu juice, so if you find some (it just takes a bit of a hunt), this is a delicious way to utilize it.

Learn how to create these at Que Rica Vida.

Coconut Quinoa Porridge With Camu Chia Berry Compote

The addition of a compote infused with camu camu to this porridge makes a filling breakfast that will last well until lunch.

Learn how to create this at Lifestyle Health.

Camu Camu Lemonade

When you're looking for a little something more than water, lemonade made with camu camu and stevia sounds like a healthy choice to us.

Learn how to create this at

Power Energy Treats

Interestingly, the recipe for these little snacks emphasizes that they can also be fed to dogs, but we think we'll just keep them for ourselves.

Learn how to create them at Nativas Naturals.

Super-Charged Wild Berry Smoothie

The name alone is enough to make us want to try out this drink, but the ingredient list (spinach, goji berries, coconut chunks) makes us think it basically has magical healing powers.

Learn how to create this at Wolf Zen Cafe.

Cool Sweet Quinoa

As with the cider recipe, be sure the quinoa is already cooked once you start adding in the extra ingredients, like camu camu powder and maca powder, to ensure their first effects.

Learn how to create this at Life Is Round.

Camu Honey Mask

This recipe isn't for eating — it's for spreading all over your skin. Thanks to the vitamin C in camu camu, it can help brighten and tighten skin, and its powdered form means it's an easy mask to make.

Learn how to create this at Real Raw Kitchen.