01/10/2014 12:41 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:56 EST

Justin Bieber Reportedly Eggs Neighbour's House (VIDEO)

It wasn't Halloween but that didn't stop Justin Bieber from reportedly egging a neighbour's home last night in Los Angeles.

TMZ reports the pop singer was in the midst of tossing the eggs at the home as the Los Angeles County Sherriff were called to the scene. The outlet says the neighbor heard bangs against his abode around 7:30 p.m. local time. On going upstairs in his home and then a balcony, the neighbor claims he saw Bieber pelting his front door with approximately 20 eggs.

"What the hell are you doing?" the neighbor allegedly shouted at the singer, who then began aiming at the neighbor. The pair then started shouting at each other before Bieber returned back to his home, but not before tossing a few more eggs. Pictures of the scene show the carnage of fractured egg shells with yolks on a front door and on the doorstep.

Deputies emerged on the scene, took a report of what transpired but it's unclear if Bieber spoke to police afterwards. Bieber's representatives didn't comment on what took place. Bieber made no comment on Twitter today but tweeted a photo of himself with a little girl, dubbing her "my little princess."

But earlier Friday morning TMZ was given footage of the incident with the neighbour and Bieber arguing back and forth. The clean version is posted above, followed by the explicit version.

"I see you, I f--king see you!" the neighbor says. Bieber -- who can't be seen in the video -- is then heard shouting back, "F--k you! I got another one for you actually!" From there the neighbor shouts more barbs Bieber's way. "Hey f--k you a--hole, yeah come over here you motherf--ker! Yeah, you're a big f--king man aren't you? Come back over here you little b----!"

The 46-second video is dark initially with the camera later panning to show the damage and broken eggs. TMZ also reports because the victim claims the damage to his home and property is in excess of $400, the initial misdemeanor it was considered to be could become a felony.

The outlet also reports Bieber is a suspect in a vandalism investigation.

The star, who completed his Believe world tour last month, announced his "retirement" in late December but appears to have been recording in Toronto recently. "Justin Bieber's retirement rumors are greatly exaggerated," producer Douglas Romanow tweeted on Jan. 1. "I've been recording him in Toronto. #bieberintoronto." The tweet also included a photo of Bieber in the studio.

However, Bieber appears to have laid an egg at the box office with his documentary Believe. On Dec. 29 Billboard reports the film made a mere $4.5 million the first five days after its opening Christmas Day.

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