01/12/2014 07:03 EST | Updated 03/14/2014 05:59 EDT

Toronto Sidewalks Stay Slippery Amid Melting Temperatures

The temperature stayed just above the freezing mark in Toronto on Sunday, but there was still a lot of ice causing problems for pedestrians on city sidewalks and streets.

Susanne Johnson and her friends decided to go skating on Sunday — and though they drove to the rink, she said she was still wary of what the conditions were like outdoors.

When speaking with CBC News, Johnson said that outside her home, the middle of the road between the streetcar tracks "was like a skating rink," which left her concerned about how safe it was for drivers.

Carmen Dodaro, who was out on his motorbike on Sunday, told CBC News that he thought the roads were not too bad, though he noted that some sidewalks remain icy, despite the melting taking place.

Asked what advice he can give about staying upright, Dodaro said it comes down to wearing appropriate footwear.

"You wear good boots to start with and then you tread lightly," said Dodaro. "You have to be careful — it is melting, but it is still pretty slick," he said.

Environment Canada is forecasting a daily of 6 C on Monday, with a 70 per cent chance of showers later in the afternoon.