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'Being Human' Season 4: What's Next For Aidan, Josh And Sally


It never should have worked.

A vampire, werewolf and ghost as roommates? Talk about begging for trouble. But somehow these three supernatural musketeers -- Aidan (Sam Witwer), Josh (Sam Huntington) and Sally (Meaghan Rath) -- have navigated the choppy waters of life and death together. More importantly, they’ve become the best of friends, and even welcomed Josh’s werewolf wife Nora (Kristen Hager) into their dysfunctional family. On "Being Human," however, love, friendship and luck can only get you so far.

Last time viewers saw Sally, she was being pulled down an inter-dimensional hole in the floor by the witch Donna (Amy Aquino). Josh was stuck in wolf form and Aidan caught a glimpse of a woman resembling his centuries-old, presumed-dead wife, Suzanna (Katharine Isabelle).

That was three months ago.

On the Montreal set of "Being Human," HuffPost Canada TV visited the modern monster squad’s humble abode. A grand tour of the place by executive producer Anna Fricke revealed nothing out of the ordinary, except for a hidden room with strange crayon drawings on the wallpaper that will be discovered in weeks to come.

Soon enough, Witwer, Huntington, Rath and Hager joined Fricke to answer questions. It was basically the cast joking around more than anything else, but the five did drop some teasers about what to expect from Season 4 of "Being Human."

Destiny Calls

Every year, "Being Human"’s creative team weaves in an overall theme. Previous seasons include “Be careful what you wish for” and “temptation.” This time around, it’s all about destiny.

“That’s partially us hearing fan feedback and also us doing what we like to do the best, which is really about bringing the characters together,” says Fricke about going that route. “So, it’s really exploring the fact that everything happens for a reason. These people are together for a reason and they are crucial to keeping each other human.

“We’ve always said nobody can have it easy on this show, so it’s definitely about how it’s getting harder for them to get away with that the stuff they are trying to get away with,” she continues. “They are forced to fully embrace the various kinds of monsters they are. I wouldn’t say it’s hell and it’s dark and it’s going to be a horrible struggle the whole time. It’s definitely a battle for all of them, but it’s more about how they need each other.”

“Something we discussed a little bit behind-the-scenes is, ‘What is the biggest obstacle for the whole vampire culture? What is the big problem they are dealing with?’” adds Witwer. “We make it explicit this year. We finally solve the riddle. In Season 1, a vampire priest who was hanging out at Aidan’s hospital said, ‘If it’s so bad for you, why haven’t you offed yourself yet?’ Aidan then beats the guy’s teeth in. But we actually do answer that question this year in an interesting and profound way.”

Burden Of The Beast

The network screened eight minutes of footage from the premiere, “Old Dog, New Tricks.” Almost immediately, Aidan and Nora are running for their lives. A berserk wolfed-out Josh is literally chomping on their heels, until they lure him into a trap and cage him. This routine, and Josh’s semi-permanent werewolf state, is starting to wear everyone down and especially take a toll on Josh’s state of mind.

“This needed to be played out,” explains Huntington. “I couldn’t just come right back. That would have been a cop-out. Obviously, I’m here and you know I come back in some form. They did a beautiful job of figuring out exactly how I come back and the repercussions when I do come back. What happened to me? What happens to us [motioning to himself and Hager]?”

Ghost Story

In the Season 3 cliffhanger, Donna possibly dragged Sally to hell. Now in the teaser footage, the two frenemies are seen enjoying a spa day on some ethereal plane. It’s a tranquil environment unknowingly created by Sally, who is more powerful than anyone imagined. Once again, she’s on her own to figure things out.

“It’s pretty difficult, but as we’ve seen this character grow, and now in the fourth season, having been through so much, Sally realizes being alone is a huge part of her reality,” offers Rath. “As much as she grows and changes, so do the other characters as well. We become a little more solitary because we're dealing with crazy things personally. I think now in Season 4, she is the most equipped to be alone than she’s ever been. She’s much stronger as a person than she used to be and is able to deal with things better. It’s definitely the strongest we’ve seen Sally.”

Past Tense

Aidan’s immortality provides a limitless storytelling device. The writers can, and have, revisited earlier periods in his life. His colonial days tend to be a frequent favourite. More flashbacks are on the horizon and Witwer revealed what he enjoys about them.

“It’s anything that lets us in on something that maybe we didn’t quite know about the character,” says Witwer. “For example, we always hear, ‘Oh, Aidan was a bad, bad guy.’ We’ve seen glimpses of it. He beats a guy’s teeth in or he broke the necks of those two girls. But have we ever gone back and seen the way he would take people out? The way he would murder people? The way he would trap them? Not yet, but we will see them this season.”

"Being Human" Season 4 premieres January 13 on Space and SyFy at 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST.

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