01/13/2014 12:24 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:56 EST

Calgary Couple Giving Their Home Away To The Needy For Free


It's not every day one comes across a free home when browsing through the classified ads.

But that is exactly what's happening in Calgary, where a couple is offering their home free, "to a person or family in need."

The ad, which was posted on Kijiji Sunday and has already garnered more than 16,500 views online, is offering the 1,200-square-foot home for free to anyone willing to take on the expense of moving it off their lot.

"We are building a house on the same site and need to have our current house moved off the site by mid-to-end of February," reads the ad.

"This house has been my home for the past 10 years and I have done many renovations to it.

"The last thing I want to see is for this to be torn down. It is an awesome house and would make a great home for anyone in need."

The bungalow was originally built in 1952 and has been upgraded to include tile flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, hardwood floors in the living room and bedrooms, as well as new skylights and a jetted tub.

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The home is a modern, nice looking abode that would serve most families well, but devil's advocates on Reddit were quick to question whether the seemingly generous, gesture was more self-serving than charitable.

"It's a nice gesture but I think all they are doing is trying to get rid of the old house without paying a ton of money to have it removed," said TECH-NOIR on Reddit.

"I have no idea how much it costs to move an entire house but I'm 100% sure its more than first/last (month's rent) on an apartment," commented Popcorn.

"You also have to have a plot of land.

"This isn't someone doing something nice, it's someone trying to get rid of their house without paying and passing it off as being a good Samaritan."

But the charitable homeowners say they will pitch $1,000 towards moving costs and add the home would be a perfect solution for a family who may have lost their home during the recent floods, as they likely already have the land but now need a home to put on it.