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Ice Castles In Creston, B.C. Show True Craftsmanship (PHOTOS)

Vincent Wolf

Winter is the slowest time of year for B-Boys Construction, so what did the Creston, B.C. company do to keep workers busy and spirits high?

Make castles. Out of ice.

"We had some time and just thought we'd be creative," co-owner James Blackmore told The Huffington Post B.C. this week.

Last year the company built an ice castle on Blackmore's property. It was such a hit among friends and family that B-Boys — which Blackmore owns with his brother Zane — decided to do it again this winter.

"It was such an attraction," Blackmore said. "Everyone liked it so much and got pictures around it, so we built another one just before Christmas."

But this year, they didn't just build one, they built three.

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And these aren't tiny little centres for ants either. Each castle is 10 to 11 feet tall on a square of nine feet by nine feet, said Blackmore. It takes six to eight crew members about six hours to build.

While one castle was once again located at Blackmore's home this year, two others were erected throughout Creston: one at the local Home Hardware, and the other in front of the Creston Ramada hotel.

The high level of community interest has prompted the company to consider selling their ice castles for special events like weddings.

"We thought, 'Well, they're so unique,'" Blackmore said. "[So we figured] we'd see if maybe we can market some of these things."

Would you like an ice castle at your next event?

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