01/13/2014 12:09 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:56 EST

Rob Ford Sparks Excitement With Impromptu Visit To Toronto Nightclub (PHOTOS)

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He says he hasn't had a drink since November, but that doesn't mean Rob Ford can't cut loose.

The bombastic mayor of Toronto hit the town on Saturday night and made quite a scene during an impromptu visit to Muzik nightclub.

Needless to say, club-goers wasted little time snapping photos and posting them to social media.

One such patron, Morgan Sanchez, later told the National Post that people were "swarming" Ford, who the nightclub announced was in attendance around 10:30 p.m. Sanchez said she didn't see the mayor drinking alcohol.

The mayor's brother and campaign manager, Councillor Doug Ford, told the Toronto Sun that the mayor was at the club for about an hour to meet with people and consumed only a sugar-free energy drink.

And it appears Doug Ford is happy with the level of excitement his brother was able to generate and what it may say about his re-election chances.

"There have been rock stars, there have been sports heroes, there's been the Bieber there and no one got a response like Rob did," he told the Sun. "The place went upside down ballistic."

Even popular U.S. website Buzzfeed jumped on the story.

On Monday, Rob Ford responded angrily after CBC reporter Lorenda Reddekopp asked if he was drinking at the club.

"Were you drinking this weekend? Were you drinking this weekend?" he asked the reporter, according to the Post. Rob Ford reiterated that he no longer drinks.

"I get some attention at the clubs, is that what you're jealous about?" he asked.

But perhaps the pictures really tell the tale. Are the people featured below the voters who can keep Rob Ford in the mayor's chair this October, against all odds?

Or are they just folks who were looking for a funny tweet or Facebook update?

Time will tell.

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