01/14/2014 04:46 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:56 EST

Icelight Toronto Time-Lapse Highlights Frozen City's Icy Aftermath (VIDEO)

Eastern Canada's 2013 ice storm may have been destructive, but one photographer has taken an artistic look at what the sub-zero weather left in its wake.

Gavin Heffernan was visiting his Toronto home during the holiday season storm, and decided to document the damage with a time-lapse. Heffernan is no stranger to time-lapses, according to his website, typically documenting star trails. But what he saw over the Christmas break was unparalleled.

"I managed to bundle up and face the insanely cold temperatures to get some time lapses and document the damage—including a massive tree that crashed through the fence in our own yard and a huge array of destruction unlike anything I've ever witnessed," Heffernan wrote in the video's description.

While the images of frozen trees set across blue hues are pretty, the ice storm's aftermath is also costing Toronto a pretty penny.

On Monday, Toronto City Council voted unanimously to declare Toronto a "disaster area" following the damage caused by the ice storm as well as a summer 2013 flood. It also asked the provincial and federal governments to split the $170 million three ways.

So come to Toronto, a city known for its colourful mayor and the CN Tower, but stay for the beautiful icicles (because the storm probably grounded your flight).

Mobile readers can watch the video here.

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