01/14/2014 04:03 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

B.C. Parents Are Letting The Internet Name Their Daughter

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If you were having trouble picking a name for your new baby, who would you ask? One Kelowna man is turning to the whole Internet.

Stephen McLaughlin runs, a website that asks visitors to vote for the name of his unborn daughter, who is due in April.

While it may seem risky to trust the interwebs with naming your child, McLaughlin is privy to the possibility of a terrible name taking the cake:

Hi, My name is Stephen and much to the disbelief of my wife, I have decided to let the internet name* my daughter. Yeah that is an asterisk, Unfortunately internet I know better than to trust you. We will ultimately be making the final decision, Alas my daughter shall not be named WackyTaco692. Sorry guys the wife wouldn't go for a free for all.

Site visitors can vote once per day for the daughter's first name, middle name, or both.

As of Monday, Amelia was the top first name, and All-Spark was the top middle name (though, uh, we bet McLaughlin would use his veto power on that one). According to The Independent, the site has already received over 36,000 votes.

The project has also started quite the conversation on Reddit.

"I'm actually surprised at the number of normal names near the top," Dinoman28 wrote on Saturday.

"I added my own name, hope you don't mind :)" runawaylemon added yesterday.

Other interesting names in the top 15 include Streetlamp, Slagathor, Cthulhu, Zelda, and.. Not Zelda.

Good luck, little McLaughlin.

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