01/14/2014 03:36 EST | Updated 03/16/2014 05:59 EDT

Robert Pickton Appears In Court Via Video

New Westminster, CANADA: This artist's drawing shows accused serial killer Robert William Pickton sitting in court 22 January 2007 in New Westminster, Canada. The grisly murder trial of pig farmer Robert William Pickton, accused in Canada's worst serial killings, began 22 January 2007 in a case described by a judge as a horror film. AFP PHOTO/Drawing by Felicity Don (Photo credit should read FELICITY DON/AFP/Getty Images)

VANCOUVER - Serial killer Robert Pickton has appeared in a Vancouver court via video over a series of lawsuits filed by the families of several murdered women.

The lawyer for the families of nine women was in court making several applications related to the lawsuits, and Pickton was asked whether he wanted to participate in the process.

Pickton sat in a room at Kent Institution, southeast of Vancouver in Agassiz, wearing a white shirt, his head bald.

He spoke in a raspy voice, telling the judge it made no difference to him whether he participated in the hearing.

The families are asking for the governments to pay for their legal bills and to accept the findings of a public inquiry.

It's unclear when the case might actually go to trial and the hearing was adjourned until Wednesday.

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