01/14/2014 08:30 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

SFU's Bhangra Dance Class Back After 3 Years, Fills Up In 3 Days

After a three-year hiatus, North America's only bhangra dance class for university credit is back at Simon Fraser University.

By the third day of spring term registration, the class—which has room for 50 students—was filled to capacity, with 20 students on the wait list.

Originating in India's Punjab region, bhangra is a high-energy folk dance that was once used to celebrate a good harvest (now it's a bit more modern, combining traditional Punjabi instruments with Western music).

“The popularity of the class has been mind-blowing,” instructor Gurpreet Sian said in a press release. “The course is unique because it’s a cultural dance form that’s being offered by a top university. People are so excited to learn about a different culture, work out and have some fun.”

Interestingly though, no South Asian students have signed up for the class.

“By learning bhangra, students are opening themselves up to trying something new," Sian said. "That’s a very important part of their education."

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