01/14/2014 09:58 EST | Updated 03/16/2014 05:59 EDT

Taiwan ambassador wraps up two-day visit to Saskatoon

SASKATOON - A visit from a Taiwanese diplomat could spell big bucks for Saskatoon.

C.K. Liu is the ambassador for the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.

He said that he and a delegation of other TECO officials liked what they saw on a two-day visit to Saskatoon.

He said he spent the visit meeting with local members of the Chinese and Taiwanese communities, touring companies and research facilities and meeting with business leaders.

He said the hope is to foster personal relationships that can serve as a foundation for deeper ties between the island and Saskatchewan.

Liu said he was encouraging companies to look to Taiwan as a good jumping off point for cracking massive Asian markets.

"Taiwan is a gateway to mainland China, as well as to Asia," he said.

In particular, the ambassador said smaller and mid-sized businesses could do well by partnering with Taiwanese firms. That would allow them to use their established contacts across the continent to everyone's benefit.

With Taiwan already buying about a third of Saskatchewan's durum exports in 2012 and also a big consumer of uranium for its power grid, Liu said there is also major potential for businesses here to move more product.