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50 Things Travellers Should Know Infographic Tests Globe-Trotters' IQ

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For all the guidebooks and videos out there, the best way to learn about a new place is to travel through it.

After all, how else would you know the difference between a pisco sour and its regional differences or how to use the "beer index" while abroad? There's no substitute for experience and it's often what separates the veteran globe-trotter from the first-time tourist.

Still not convinced? Then check out Travel Bag's infographic on 50 things a traveller should know and see how well you fare. While it's arguable as to whether U.K. vacation booking site's choices are mandatory, knowing to check FourSquare about free Wi-Fi and how rolling your clothes can save space are both handy tips.

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50 Things Travellers Should Know Infographic Tests Globe-Trotters'
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