01/16/2014 05:41 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Elephant Seal Pup Born In Victoria Is An Internet Star (PHOTOS)

Alexander Fletcher/UWC Pearson College

Bertha the elephant seal gave birth to a pup this week, with the whole thing streamed via a live feed from their home in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. And now, so many people want to catch a glimpse of the newborn that they're crashing the video stream.

The footage, focused on the pair's home at the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, can only handle 30 viewers at once. Granted that's not a huge number, but it still demonstrates a heightened interest in the large and mysterious animal. (We've been trying to access the live feed to no avail. Sad face.)

Staff wrote on the website that the seals will be there for weeks, and that pup and mother were "doing well."

Race Rocks is the only place in the country where elephant seals breed, Friends of Ecological Reserves director Garry Fletcher told the Times Colonist. Adult elephant seals can weigh more than a car, Metro News reports, and usually prefer to breed in Oregon and California.

Check out pictures of Bertha and her baby:

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