01/15/2014 02:56 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Laneway House Of Glass Is As Cool As It Gets (PHOTOS)

Gair Williamson Architects

Vancouver's "City Of Glass" moniker may bring to mind the condo towers that dominate the skyline, but a new design is set to bring glass houses back down to earth — or at least into our laneways.

Gair Williamson Architects have teamed up exclusively with Smallworks to present possibly the prettiest solution to bureaucracy we have seen in a long time: the "Glass Brick 33 Lane House."

The super sleek design tackles the city's new regulations regarding laneway properties on 33-foot lots, creating what Smallworks decribes as "the ultimate in urban modernism."

Check out the new glass design and other laneway houses in Vancouver:

Photo gallery Glass Laneway Houses Coming To Vancouver See Gallery

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