01/15/2014 09:09 EST | Updated 03/17/2014 05:59 EDT

RCMP Shut Down Large Okanagan Teen Party

RCMP shut down a party at the Vernon Recreation Centre attended by about 800 young adults on Saturday night, following widespread reports of drug and alcohol use. 

The event was put together by S-Trip, a Toronto company that bills itself online as a student event and party planning company.

It was supposed to be a weekend of skiing and fun for teens from across the province, but S-Trip admits one of its events got out of hand. 

President Alexandre Handa says their promise to parents is that students will stay safe. He says their events are meant to be drug and alcohol free, but admits sometimes teens do break the rules.

"You know that's why we have two paramedics on site — to make sure everybody is safe — and I'm happy to report that everybody was safe in the end. But like I said, there is learning that needs to be done."

Vernon RCMP spokesperson Gord Molendyk says police found empty bottles and unconsumed pills that looked like ecstasy or MDMA.

"Four of the kids were so bad that they called an ambulance for their safety because of concerns for their well-being."  

The City of Vernon says the company had promised a dry event and security measures to enforce it. 

Management at the recreation centre says it will no longer rent space to S-Trip or any other similar organization.

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