Is It Too Late To Get The Flu Shot?

As news of flu vaccine shortages spreads throughout the country, Canadians who didn't get the vaccine might still be wondering, is it too late to get the flu shot?

Although Nova Scotia has declined ordering more shots on account of the "window of opportunity closing," reports the Canadian Press, doctors say there can still be value in getting the flu shot.

It’s obviously not as good as getting it at the beginning of the season ... but it’s better than nothing,” Dr. Allison McGeer, an infectious disease specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital told the Toronto Star.

Experts point out that while the flu peaks in January, it can continue through February and March. The vaccination can take anywhere from one to two weeks to work, but getting it now would still mean protection for the last part of flu season.

Dr. Arlene King, Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health, emphasized the importance of being vaccinated just last week, noting that children under five and people aged 20 to 64 years old seemed to be at greatest risk this year. Canada usually sees around 20,000 hospital admissions each year due to the flu, the National Post reports.

To find a flu shot clinic near you, visit the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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