01/17/2014 10:48 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Angry Goalies Compilation Is 14 Minutes Of Fights, Stick Swinging And More (VIDEOS)

Being a hockey goalie is probably one of the most high-pressure jobs in all of sports. Every night you're stopping a hard rubber puck travelling at 100 miles per hour while being screened or jostled by an eight-foot-tall thug on skates (I'm looking at you Chara!).

Most of us watching at home probably can't see the level of intensity beneath the goalie mask and sometimes these emotions boil over.

YouTube user MattBryant posted this 14-minute long video of goalie fights, fits and general bad behaviour. Many of them are just tenders upset at being beaten by a nifty move. Others are goalies fed up by the bad behaviour of their opponents. There are only so many times you can be 'nudged', tapped or elbowed in the head causing a season-ending injury (I'm looking at you Lucic!).

The video captures the best (worst?) moments of some notorious hotheads (Patrick Roy, Ray Emery) but also some keepers you think are normally placid and good-natured (Curtis Joseph, Henrik Lundqvist).

Get the popcorn, hockey fans.

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