01/17/2014 10:54 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Justin Timberlake Tells Vancouver Columnist To 'Kiss My Ass'

Justin Timberlake thrilled thousands of fans at his Vancouver concert Thursday night, but the megastar let everyone know how less than thrilled he was with a local entertainment writer.

In a column published in The Province earlier that day, Dana Gee chastised the triple threat for not having more of an edge, and complained that none of his work was "all that memorable."

JT was none too pleased with that assessment, calling out the writer in the middle of his show. According to concert-goers on Twitter, Timberlake said Gee was entitled to her opinion, but she could: "Kiss my ass."

In the column, titled 'Yo Justin, try putting some Timberrr! into Timberlake,' Gee wrote:

... the Timberlake experience still doesn’t seem all that memorable. It’s seems kind of soccer mom — not that there is anything wrong with that as mid-sized hybrid SUV drivers need pop music, too.

Even a huge tour with rap king and major mogul Jay Z couldn’t turn down the Disney shine that still dances off of the sleek showman.

That said, we like JT, we really do. He seems perfectly nice, but that is also the problem. We wish him well and would love to see him really bring sexy back. The kind of sexy that makes you go "oh yeah" not "oh, he’d make a good prom king."

She makes several tongue-in-cheek suggestions for Timberlake including picking better songs and movie scripts, and starting a booze company.

On Friday morning, Gee laughed off Timberlake's response:

Of course, the prospect of kissing JT's ass was hardly a bad thing for many people:

In the end, the negative column didn't seem to affect Timberlake's tour stop, as he proclaimed his love for #VanCity.

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