01/17/2014 01:26 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Republicans Love Canadian Booze, Research Finds


Republicans may talk about Canada as some sort of socialist reserve where universal health care runs wild, but they seem to like Canadian booze much more than Democrats do.

That’s according to a study from Republican research group National Media, which recently crunched some numbers for the Washington Post comparing political leanings with beer, wine and liquor preferences.

Not all Canadian booze brands were represented (Molson is conspicuous by its absence) but the study finds both Labatt Blue and Canadian Club are far more popular among Republican voters than Democratic ones.

Drinkers of “Canadian whisky” (we assume any and all brands) are among the most likely demographic to vote Republican. Only drinkers of Coors Original (now itself part of U.S.-Canadian giant Molson Coors) are likelier to be fans of the GOP.

Will Feltus, senior VP for research at National Media, tells Macleans that these trends reflect regional differences in liquor tastes. Whisky is more popular in the South, which skews Republican.

But Feltus has no explanation for why Republicans prefer Labatt Blue.

“Data like this, some of it is just going to be random noise,” he says. “There is not always a moral to the story.”


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