01/21/2014 12:52 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Feel The Love Tonight: How To Have A Date Night During Your Family Vacation

Disney Parks

A Disney vacation is fun for the whole family -- and that includes those days where you just want to have some serious quality time with your special someone. Walt Disney World is more than just magical moments and photo opportunities for the kids; it's also the perfect place to show your romantic Disney Side. You may not be able to pull off a magic carpet ride, or give your beau a giant library of their own, but you can still give in to some of your wildest romantic gesture ideas during a Disney parks date.

You heard that right -- Walt Disney World is the perfect place for a date, whether you have kids of your own or are simply enjoying a couple’s vacation. But before you can Google “Disney proposal,” let us break down some of the more romantic options available for you at the Magic Kingdom.

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Before romance, comes the matter of making sure the kids are looked after. If you’re looking to have an adults-only date while on your family vacation, arrange for a certified babysitter to look after your little ones while you're out.

In-room babysitting is available at select resort hotels, and they won't just stay with your child; they will entertain with arts and crafts, reading, and games. Everyone wins!

Children's Activity Centres

If you don't need in-room babysitting but need some adult time, the children's activity centres are an option for you and your child. You can leave your child in the supervised clubs where they can make crafts, play games, watch movies, and eat dinner.

And before you drop the kids off, why not share playtime with them? If you haven’t played house or raced toy cars, the Activity Centres provide an excellent opportunity. Singing the Toy Story theme song is optional, but highly recommended.


Feel the need for 18 holes? You can book a tee-off time at one of Walt Disney World's four (Yes, four) championship golf courses. Enjoy the sun, the breeze and the views as you tee off. Just avoid the sand in the bunkers!

And if you’ve never picked up a set of clubs in your life, this will be an excellent opportunity for you to show off your playful side as you and your significant other do your best golf professional impersonations. Derby hat and bright pants should be used with caution, and at your own discretion. That being said, it’s time to convince other players that you could have gone pro, promptly before sending a ball straight into a sand trap.

Fine Dining

Walt Disney World has plenty of food options for all ages, from toddlers to teens. But for the more discerning palette (why not go all out for date night?), try Fulton's Crab House or one of Wolfgang Puck's restaurants. Raise your glass and toast your night out!

Food-related Festivals

Time your trip for fall 2014 so you can catch the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. It's an event that features nearly 30 international food and beverage marketplaces, and features everything from tastings to seminars run by world-renowned chefs. Doesn’t get much fancier than that!

Bass Fishing

If golf's not your thing, but you still want to enjoy the great outdoors, why not try a little bass fishing? Impress your partner with your fishing skills as you enjoy a two or four-hour guided expedition on a 21-foot Tracker pontoon boat. Think of the bragging rights you'll have when you land the big one!

Also, take this rare chance to practice Goofy’s Perfect Cast (a la A Goofy Movie). If you can’t manage to strike a romantic mood on a serene Florida river adventure (an unlikely possibility, to be sure), you can at least strike a goofy pose and keep everyone laughing.


A date at Walt Disney World wouldn't be complete without a show. If you love Cirque du Soleil, then why not book tickets for the in-resident show, La Nouba? Enjoy the acrobats, trapeze artists, and jugglers as they delight the audience with their world-class grace and skill.

Allow yourself, if only for one night, to believe in superheroes again. Once you watch someone fly through the air and breathe fire, is your life really that far removed from The Avengers? Be a true believer!


After a show, dance the night away in the adult-only Atlantic Dance club. If you're there on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday night, you can request and dance to your favourite videos. If you're there on Thursday or Friday nights, you can dance to the dueling djs as they battle it out over their soundboards. You read that correctly: you can bear witness to A DJ FIGHT. And don’t be a wallflower; this quality time is precious, and memories aren’t made by hiding in the shadows. Show your wild side and bust out every outrageous dance move in your repertoire (from Thriller to the Chicken Dance), and don’t be surprised if you adopt some backup dancers before the night is through.