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Husky, Cat Found Dead In Calgary; Donations Pour In To Help Find Suspect

Humane Society

Thousands of dollars are pouring in help find a suspect in connection with two animals in Calgary that were found dead in an alley with their mouth taped shut.

A starved Siberian husky and dead cat were found in an alley a week apart from each other.

A local company, Vets To Go, has pledged a $5,000 reward for anyone who provides information that could lead to an arrest and started a fundraising campaign.

The reward crossed $44,000 on Sunday.

“It’s just been extraordinary,” said Vets To Go President Greg Habstritt to Metro News. “I think it speaks to the outrage people are feeling about this."

"It is heartwarming to see the response to these senseless acts," said one commenter on the campaign page.

The dog was found Jan. 9 in a southside neighbourhood and the Humane Society is trying to identify it.

Clear medical tape was used to keep the animal's mouth shut.

Investigators believe that may have led to the emaciated condition in which it was found.

The husky was so skinny when it died that its ribs could be seen clearly though its grey and white fur.

A Global Calgary news crew says that while reporting on the story, it also found a dead cat with its mouth muzzled in green painter's tape.

Brad Nichols, manager of the cruelty investigations section of the Calgary Humane Society, calls it an obvious case of intentional cruelty.

"We hope someone is able to identify the dog so we can ensure accountability for this cruel act and prevent future such acts," he said in a statement.

A candlelight vigil in memory of the animals is planned for Sunday.

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