01/19/2014 07:37 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Red-Tailed Hawk Is Just Chilling On This Downtown Balcony (PHOTO)

Hawks are pretty common in Canada, but the sight of one still startled a Toronto woman when she returned home Sunday.

Kirthan Aujlay sent in this photo of what appears to be a massive red-tailed hawk perched on the balcony of her downtown home.


"I couldn't get over the size of the hawk. His beak and talons definitely looked like they could kill me," she said in an email.

Red-tailed hawks are the most common type of hawk in North America, but they're impressively large—the body ranges from 18 to 26 inches wide and the bird stretches to almost four feet with its wings outstretched, according to National Geographic.

This visitor didn't stay long, though. Aujlay said after a couple of minutes the hawk took off.

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