01/20/2014 10:45 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Bieber Urged To Go To Rehab After Police Raid Found Empty Codeine Bottles, Cookie Jars Of Weed (REPORT)

Justin Bieber's mansion was reportedly littered with drugs and related drug paraphernalia when deputies searched the premises last Tuesday.

Two large cookie jars found in the home didn't have cookies inside of them but marijuana, sources told TMZ. As well, three bongs were also spotted, alongside several "swishers sweet" cigars, reportedly the singer's method of smoking weed, and he also reportedly has a room specifically for smoking with hookah pipes set up.

But codeine also seems to be a prominent drug Bieber allegedly uses, according to TMZ sources. Four to five empty codeine bottles were found along with styrofoam cups strewn around the home that were allegedly used for "Sizzurp," a mixture of codeine or cough syrup and a soft drink.

As police were looking for evidence such as video equipment or camera footage with regards to Bieber egging his neighbor's home, none of the drug items or related materials were seized. TMZ also reports that when police arrived some people in the home reportedly flushed drugs down the toilet.

On Saturday the outlet also reported those close to Bieber were urging him to enter rehab to address his drug issues with "Sizzurp," which Bieber and his friends refer to as "lean." Bieber reportedly consumes a mix using Actavis prometh, an expensive substance that can run up to $800 per pint.

So far there is no indication that Bieber is listening to his team's advice and going to rehab. The UK's MailOnline, which claims the pop star would be "treated for behavioral issues and a recreational use of drugs," quotes a source saying, "People around Justin want the best for him and hope that at some point he'll recognize the need for some help."

TMZ also claims that Bieber "abuses" prescription medication, including Xanax, but that their sources "insist he does NOT do cocaine and has never done it in his life." Bieber's friend Lil Za was arrested for cocaine possession during the police raid.

Bieber hasn't commented regarding the recent allegations but posted photos of him and his friends snowboarding on Saturday.

One little bit of good news has broken through Bieber's current cloud, as the NY Daily News reports police assuring him that naked photos found on his phone would not be leaked.

“And the whole world has naked pictures on their phones. With Justin Bieber, at his level, it might be people we know, so it might be a concern for him. But he doesn’t have to worry,” Lt. David Thompson with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said late last week. “We’re looking for images or information related to the egging. Nothing else is getting out. It’s safe in the hands of law enforcement.”

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