01/20/2014 01:44 EST | Updated 03/22/2014 05:59 EDT

Oliva Chow talks childhood, Layton and the mayoral election

Olivia Chow has exposed previously unknown details of both her personal and professional life in a new memoir, My Journey.

Her story begins with her turbulent childhood years -- when her middle-class family moved from Hong Kong to a difficult start in Canada — and continues through to her years as a municipal-turned-federal politician.

The NDP MP joined Jian Ghomeshi for a candid conversation about the many eras in her life so far, the loss of late NDP leader Jack Layton — her partner in life and politics — and whether she plans to take on Rob Ford in Toronto's upcoming mayoral race.

Here are few key quotes from Chow.

On potentially running for mayor: "It doesn't matter where we came from or where we live - we all want a better future for our children, and that's my core belief, whether I was a school trustee, a councillor, or a member of parliament...We don't have to be so negative to each other. We can connect. As to whether I'll run or not, when I make a decision I'll let you know...I'm seriously considering it, but there are many considerations."

On upholding Jack's memory: "I want to celebrate the belief that he had that there is goodness inside us and in every human being...I want to have people continue to believe that they have that power inside them."

On being polarizing: "If the purpose is to be loved by everyone, then don't engage...that's not why I got involved in public service. I want to make sure that other people's life is better, that life is more affordable for families, that kids have a better future. And I work with everyone."