01/20/2014 05:19 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Valentine's Crush Gifts To Make Them Fall For You

Valentine's Day Sweetheart Candy

“Love is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it will elude you...” - Unknown (and still single)

The same delicate fine line must be taken into account when trying to chase love with a secret admirer gift on Valentine’s Day. If the gift is too extravagant, presumptuous or personal – the butterfly will fly away … and call the cops.

Here are 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas that can help you move from friend-zone to Loveland, without crossing the borders into creep country.

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Tassimo T47 Single Cup Home Brewing System - Black & Chrome

Price: $139.99

Where to buy: Available in red at Target locations across Canada, and in black at major retailers including Canadian Tire, Walmart, Sears, Future Shop, The Bay, Home Outfitters and Bed Bath & Beyond

How many relationships have started with a simple, and predictable: “Would you like to grab a coffee sometime?” Delight your coffee crush with a Tassimo Coffee Machine and a Valentine’s card that says: “Let’s grab a coffee sometime…on you."

Vera Wang Be Jeweled Rouge

Price: 30 ml / $49.00 50 ml / $75.00

Where to buy: Available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart

You are only courting disaster if you give jewelry too early in the courting stage of a relationship. That’s why the Vera Wang Be Jeweled Rouge is the perfect alternative. The floral/fruity fragrance comes in a brilliantly cut, gem-like bottle that radiates sparkling pink and red colours for Valentine’s Day. Also, think of what Vera Wang is famous for: wedding dresses. That’s right, start planting those subliminal messages if you are serious about this one.

Palladium Pampa Sport Cuff boot

Price: $120.00

Where to buy: Palladium Boots

Here’s a simple fact of life: Women like shoes. Here’s a lesser-known fact: Men are just as obsessed with their “kicks”. So there’s nothing odd at all about giving footwear for Valentine’s Day – especially if it is a sleek-looking and practical shoe such as the Pampa Sport Cuff boot from Palladium. It is stylish, it is waterproof, durable, and most importantly – it is pretty. For extra charm-points: Get yourself a matching pair and present the boots as part of planned winter hiking date, complete with hot chocolate and picnic basket. You’re welcome.

Cineplex And Bon Appétit Dinner And A Movie Package

Price: $30 Cineplex physical Gift Card* and $50 Bon Appétit Gift Card

Where to buy: Cineplex

A lot of secret admirers make the mistake of making their big move on their crush by asking: “Um, do you want to go out sometime?” Why not be more specific and enticing? How about: “Want to go to dinner and a movie on Valentine’s Day?” And if your crush is still unsure, seal the deal with plans to see one of the most anticipated romantic movies of the year: Winter’s Tale, which is fittingly set for release on Valentine’s Day. The movie stars Colin Farrell, Jennifer Connelly, Will Smith, and Russell Crowe – with an intriguing tagline that should get your crush in the mood for romance: “This is not a true story. This is true love.” Swoon.

My Own Fingerprint T-shirt

Price: Starting at $29.99

Where to buy: My Own Fingerprint

If you want to be a little creative with your gift, try giving your Valentine’s crush a t-shirt designed by a real life Crime Scene Investigator. The t-shirt has a standard fingerprint design but also comes with a fingerprint kit, allowing the recipient to create a custom t-shirt, watch, or hoodie, featuring their own fingerprint. It’s a perfect gift if your crush is into TV shows such as CSI, Dexter, Criminal Minds, etc.

Amzer Capacitive Touch Screen Knit Gloves-Pink

Price: $14.95

Where to buy:

Not only are these pink gloves really cute…they also show how caring you are. For instance, you’ve probably been flirting with your crush via text up to this point. These knit gloves will keep her hands warm AND still allow her to use her smartphone while texting you smiley faces on her touchscreen.

Dakota Women's File Clip Watch

Price: $27.83

Where to buy:

This little trinket can act as four useful gifts in one. The Dakota File Clip Watch is a timepiece that can clip on to a purse, yet it also features a fold out nail file, magnifying glass, and thermometer. It’s an ideal gift for the busy woman on the go, or a female MacGyver.

Kobo Mini

Price: $49.00

Where to buy:

If your crush is an avid reader, the Kobo mini is a perfect fit in their pocket. The device is light as a feather, has a 5” touch screen, and features built-in Wi Fi. You also have the ability to fill the Kobo mini with tons of free literature from eBooks. Reading can be a solitary affair, so if you want to use the Kobo mini to help you get a date with your crush, try pre-loading book titles that have been turned into movies. Then start a book/movie comparison club with your crush. Start out with books that have been made into movies currently in theatres, then advance to older books that are now DVD titles.

WeMo Switch + Motion Sensor Bundle

Price: $79.99

Where to buy:

The Belkin Wi-Fi enabled WeMo Switch and WeMo Motion Kit isn’t a very romantic gift. But it is extremely practical, useful, and will score points if your crush is into cool techy innovations. The devices give your crush wireless control of their home appliances and electronics, turning devices of their choice on or off as soon as movement is detected. The WeMo Switch and WeMo Motion Kit makes it easy to set schedules for home appliances and electronics and turn devices on and off remotely from a smartphone. It’s a thoughtful gift for the person who is often forgetful.

Landing Mr. Right board game

Price: $34.95

Where to buy: Landing Mr. Right

It’s been said that girls list “humour” as the most attractive trait in a guy. Put that theory to the test with a fun gag gift on Valentine’s Day. Landing Mr. Right is a board game that helps women look at love and dating in a humorous and positive light.The game takes players on a virtual dating journey to find “Mr. Right.”

Throughout the game, players will be asked to answer questions and share stories about their dating experiences. When the game is over, players can review their date cards and may discover something new or even decide to date a different type of guy out in the real world. We're not saying this is in any way realistic, but this screams 'romantic comedy' if you can rig the game to make sure you are Mr. Right.