01/21/2014 03:21 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Hayley Cropper 'Coronation Street' Plot Twist Shocks Fans (SPOILERS)


*** SPOILER ALERT -- DO NOT read on if you don't want to know future developments on "Coronation Street" ***

Hayley Cropper (played by Julie Hesmondhalgh) was arguably one of the most popular and endearing characters on British serial drama "Coronation Street" -- she was kind to everyone despite her tough life. She was a transgender female, and to make her existence even more challenging, she recently developed pancreatic cancer.

So it was a definite shocker when Hayley, fed up with cancer and eager to escape the pain, committed suicide in the arms of her beloved husband Roy (David Neilson) by drinking a fatal cocktail of drugs.

The two characters had been debating assisted suicide for weeks, but Hayley's struggle finally came to an end, despite Roy's protestations. Their final exchange, lying together on their bed, is possibly the saddest thing ever (even though they're not real):

"This is it, then," says Hayley. "I didn't know how I would feel."

"Please don’t be afraid," answers Roy.

"Lying here with you, how could I be?" she said. "I wouldn't be anywhere else. I’m so glad I knew you, Roy. Thank you. I've been so lucky. I'd not swap the few years we've had for a thousand of anyone else's. Because I know what it is to be loved, truly loved. I love you. Always have, always will. I'm so sorry I have to go."

Even Twitter was breaking out the tissues, with #GoodbyeHayley trending earlier today.

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