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Worst Grammy Nominations And Winners Of All Time Ever

This undated handout photo provided by the Kennedy Center shows members of Led Zepplin, from left, John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Dustin Hoffman and David Letterman will soon find themselves in company they never expected in the nation's capital. The actor and comedian are among seven people receiving the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors, according to an announcement Wednesday. They join Chicago bluesman Buddy Guy, rock band Led Zeppelin and ballerina Natalia Makarova. (AP Photo/Soren Solkaer Starbird)

The Grammys, celebrating their 56th annual awards show on Jan 26, are notorious for their fails.

Lately, though, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences has been pretty good about doling out their awards and nominations to deserving musicians—it's been five years since the worst "Best Album" award ever— but they still offer up a few head-scratchers.

While not as embarrassing as last year's nomination of unknown keytarist (Hello, Al Walser in the electronic dance music category, this year's dishonour goes to Led Zeppelin.

The disbanded rock band somehow landed a Best Rock Album nomination for "Celebration Day." Now we love Led Zep as much as the next breathing human, but if this live album from a 2007 one-off reunion concert full of songs from the 1970s is one of the five best rock albums of 2104, than perhaps we should just can the category altogether. Or at least force the voters to listen to actual new albums rather than vote on name recognition. (Note: Led Zeppelin is up against Black Sabbath, Neil Young and David Bowie with only Kings of Leon and Queens of the Stone Age repping this century.)

Zeppelin is also nominated for Best Rock Performance for... "Kashmir," a song that first came out in 1975. Oh, and if they win, it will be the classic rockers FIRST Grammy, as they've previously only won a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005.

Of course, this would not be the first time the right act was nominated for the wrong album, our list of Grammy fails is full of them. Not to mention the nominees and winners that were wrong across the board.

And so, the worst Grammy nominees and wins ever, in chronological order, are...

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