01/22/2014 10:06 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

2014 Olympics: Norwegian Curlers And Their Incredible Pants Are Back For Sochi (PHOTOS)

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You can bet we will be tuning in to watch the Norwegian men's curling team go for the gold at the 2014 Olympics and not just because we love the game.

The crowd-pleasers, who made us fall in love with them and their colourful trousers at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, will be back in February wearing the heck out of new and improved psychedelic uniforms.

This time, the team (who won silver in Vancouver) will sport at least two new pairs of pants, according to the Toronto Star: one pair that's a zigzag tribute to the Norwegian flag and one that's black with a floral pattern (oh hello, granny chic!).

The pants are almost as famous as the curlers themselves; just a few days after they made their debut in Vancouver, an unnoficial Facebook page called "The Norwegian Olympic Curling Team's Pants" was created and so far has more than 539,000 likes which will no doubt increase once the Games begin.

Colourful pants, in curling no less, is a bit outside the norm for a sport where the athletes usually wear black and white. (Let's get real: these guys aren't figure skaters.)

But representatives of Loudmouth, the California company that made the team's pants, said the uniforms have changed the way they, the curlers, and we, the fans, dress, noting that orders out of London went up tenfold.

“It was enough to cause a stir in the curling world,” xaid Tony D’Orazio, a curler in Rochester, N.Y., who started the Facebook page. “For them to do what they did in 2010, it was revolutionary to curling. It took the traditions of the sport and re-energized it for a new generation.”

Who knew that curling could be so fashionable?

At the 2010 Vancouver Olympics: