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Photos Of Animals In The Womb Will Blow Your Mind

You have to see it to believe it. National Geographic producer Peter Chin has been able to "capture" what he thinks best represents a baby animal in the womb.

But as life-like as these photos look to the human eye, Chin and his crew used small cameras and graphics to create these incredible images of 12 different animals for a documentary called "In The Womb: Animals," according to Viral Nova. While the documentary and images date back to 2006, they've been spotted all over Imgur this week.

The documentary series originally launched with a focus on humans in the womb, calling to mind the classic stunning images by photographer Lennart Nilsson from 1965 and this collection of life in the womb as embryos.

Remarkably, these animal photos still give us a somewhat otherworldly glimpse into what life in the womb truly looks like, as each animal has been captured to represent its true features. From mammals to sea creatures, Chin has been able to make even a scary-looking tiger shark seem breathtaking.

Check out these images for yourself and let us know which ones fascinate or make you cringe the most :

12 Animals In The Womb

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