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Music Video Shows How Easy It Is For Photoshop To Make Women Look Unrecognizable

The perils of Photoshop have finally made it into a music video.

Hungarian musician Boggie (real name Csemer Boglarka) released a video for her song "Nouveau Parfum" in December which shows her literally being Photoshopped from a pretty, makeup-free girl to a Hollywood red carpet siren.

While singing the song, Boggie is digitally retouched; from the colour and shape of her eyes, to the tone of her skin and the whitening of her teeth, every little "imperfection" is erased and replaced with features that resemble a doll's. Even the shape of her face is changed!

The message behind the music video is clear: there is a huge amount of effort put into making celebrities look more "beautiful" which gives the audience a completely distorted view of beauty.

The video also couldn't come at a better time; After Vogue released their Feb. 2014 cover featuring Lena Dunham, critics were up in arms over the possible Photoshopping of the actress. The website Jezebel even paid someone $10,000 for the unretouched photos and while it was clear that Dunham's skin had been brightened and her jawline shaded and sharpened, there wasn't too much surprising work done.

Nevertheless, there have been similar efforts to point out the dangers of Photoshop; last year a video that went viral showed a young model Photoshopped beyond recognition.

Check out Boggie's video below and let us know what you think.

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