01/23/2014 11:43 EST | Updated 01/24/2014 11:59 EST

Alana Thomson Charged With Selling Alcoholic 'Freezies'

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A Vancouver woman has been charged with allegedly selling frozen alcoholic "freezie" treats at Wreck Beach.

According to The Province, 31-year-old Alana Thomson faces 14 charges, including possession of drugs for the purposes of trafficking, and manufacturing and selling the treats without a licence at the clothing-optional beach.

UBC RCMP spokesman Sgt. Drew Grainger told the newspaper it was part of a crackdown on the open sale of liquor and drugs at the beach.

Thomson's bio on the website Vancouver Entrepreneur Mentors demonstrates a keen excitement for the business.

I'm looking to develop freezies that are cocktails fit for adults. Think our childhood Mr. Freeze but the contents actually being a lime margarita, strawberry daiquiri or some other delicious cocktail us big kids can enjoy! It's like your childhood... only tainted! My goal is to get this product on the liquor shelves all throughout Canada by the summer of 2014.

When Twitter users caught wind of the news, they were quick to share their opinions.

Some were thrilled with the idea of a boozy freezie.

While others thought it perhaps wasn't the best idea.

One woman sees the whole thing as further proof that Vancouver is No Fun City:

And another says she actually sampled the product.

What do you think of B.C.'s liquor laws? Tell us in the comments below.

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