01/23/2014 10:53 EST | Updated 03/25/2014 05:59 EDT

TTC board to hear report proposing 2 hour time-based transfers

The Toronto Transit Commission is considering time-based transfers, possibly giving riders as much as two hours to use the public transit system in any direction – even on the same line.

Other municipal transit systems in Ontario already give riders a window of time to travel, and a new TTC report suggests it may be time for Toronto to make the switch.  

“Our board has asked for this report, our customers have asked for time-based transfers over the years, the issue has always been one of cost,” said TTC spokesman Brad Ross.

The recommendation would mean a loss of revenue of about $20 million, and the report suggests including that cost in next year’s budget.

“We would turn to the city, or Queen’s Park, or the federal government, or a combination of all three levels of government for added subsidy to help pay for  not just for time-based transfers but all the service that we provide,” Ross said.

Joanna Kolajowska depends on the TTC daily and said public transit in the city needs a revamp.

“The one way system is a little outdated I think and makes it difficult if you even need to drop off a bag somewhere,” she said.

And while others CBC Toronto spoke seemed unphased by the potential change, others are keen about saving money.

“That’d be a great idea actually because it gives you an opportunity to still use transit and not pay extra money," said one TTC rider.

The TTC report also points out that more than half of riders have a Metropass and only about 10 per cent currently need a transfer for their trip.

The proposal is up for discussion at next week’s TTC board meeting on Tuesday and the transit agency said it’s open to hearing from the public on further suggestions.