01/27/2014 11:28 EST | Updated 01/27/2014 12:59 EST

Everyday Disney: How To See The Disney Side Of Your Normal Routine


We've all been there -- that moment where your just minding your own business shopping for groceries when your jam comes on the in-store radio and you're overcome with the need to burst into song. Of course, then come the eye rolls, the snickers and the awkward looks from strangers that make us regret ever opening our mouths to belt out a tune.

Good thing there's a magical place for people like us. At Walt Disney World, no one will judge you for singing spontaneously. There will be no strange looks or awkward glances. In fact, if anything, more than a few people are liable to join in and let out their Disney Side right along with you.

Singing isn't the only thing that is probably much safer to do at Walt Disney World than it would ever be in public. So save yourself the humiliation and wait until your next trip to The Magic Kingdom before attempting the following:

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Doing the Moonwalk

Sometimes you've just got to bust a move, especially if the classic bassline from "Billie Jean" comes on the radio, but moonwalking to the corner store is actually harder than it looks and you don't want to pull a hamstring. Plus, no one wants to entertain intrusive questions from a nosey cashier about that single rhinestone-covered glove they're wearing.

But when you come to Walt Disney World, the questions will never come and you can bet that moonwalk races are common. This is because after some time away, the King of Pop has returned to Walt Disney World with the classic 4D immersive film, Captain EO. Everything that gave the short film its charm over 20 years ago is back, and charmingly weird; from the Captain’s sidekick Fuzzball, to the wildly spinning asteroid in the opening credits. You’ll watch EO and his ragtag crew "Change the world" by unlocking the Supreme Leader's inner beauty. Whether it’s your first time seeing Jackson transform into Captain EO, or just your first time in a while, we dare you to not sing along to "Another Part Of Me" as the credits roll.

Talking to the Animals

You might find people slowly backing away from you and security approaching you with caution if your spotted having an intense intellectual conversation with the sea life at your local aquarium, but not at Walt Disney World.

In Future World at Epcot, join your child for Turtle Talk with Crush. This is the only aquarium where your preschooler can ask a turtle a question and he will actually talk back. Crush, the laid-back tortoise from Disney's Finding Nemo, will take questions from the children he selects and address them by name in an improvised and unscripted, real-time conversation.

Over his years talking to the humans in "The Human Tank," Crush has officiated a marriage proposal and invited his famous friends into the tank with him. In fact, if you ask the right questions, you might catch a glimpse of Crush's friend Dory. As Crush himself would say, "Duuuude that's awesome!"

Cleaning Your House… With Style!

Chores are (you guessed it) a chore, but that doesn't mean you can truly be Mickey conjuring mops to clean by themselves in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Not only will you look ridiculous showing your Disney Side in front of friends and family, but there's also only one time that will ever work, and that's during the A Dream Come True Parade at Disney World. Look for these busy workers alongside Mickey’s float at the start of the parade and wish for a world where a Roomba Robot wasn't your only option for an effortless clean.

Bring Balance To The Force

Wielding a light sabre without proper training can only lead to disaster. After all, the wife probably won't appreciate you knocking over the fine china no matter how much you look like Obi-Wan while doing it. Instead, may we recommend earning the proper Yoda-approved certification at the t Jedi Training Academy in Walt Disney World. There, aspiring young padawans between the ages of four and 12 don the brown robe of the Jedi and learn to use the force properly under the tutelage of a Jedi Master. Once the training is complete, they are asked to pick up a lightsaber and take on the Dark Lord of the Sith one-on-one. Then and only then can swinging a light sabre in public ever be a good idea. After all, they are deadly weapons and the force can be dangerous if not embraced by a true professional.