01/24/2014 10:12 EST | Updated 01/24/2014 10:59 EST

'American Horror Story: Coven' Predictions: Who Will Be Supreme?


As I wrote in my "American Horror Story: Coven" recap this week, it's really anybody's crown tiara to win. As I also wrote in my recap, there are **SPOILERS** below. Please do not read on unless you've seen the latest "Coven" episode. I don't want to ruin things for you.

Unofficial Supreme Odds

Here's the spread, with explanations.

Zoe: 50 to 1

She's been the favourite since the beginning, but she's also been a non-entity in the last few episodes. For her to suddenly rise up as the Supreme would take a lot. Still, she's one of the more logical choices. Oh -- but she said "I'm the next Supreme," which pretty much guarantees that she's not.

Queenie: 1,000 to 1

Never happen. She's being set up as the most powerful of all the witches, but that nagging rage feeling I get whenever she speaks makes me think she'd be an awful choice. I can't be the only one who feels that way, either.

Madison: 2,000 to 1

Pfft. She may be strong and have most of the Seven Wonders, but c'mon. Madison would be the worst Supreme of all.

Misty: 50 to 1

She has the same odds as Zoe, because fundamentally she's a good person and is an enjoyable character. But Misty has always been an outsider to the coven, so it's tough to see her taking ownership of it.

Nan: 2 to 1

This one's easy. If Nan returns at all, it's probably because she's Supreme.

Cordelia: 10 to 1

I feel like this is a possibility, only because she's Fiona's daughter and it seems almost rightful that she be in charge. She loves the girls and loves Robichaux, and is only now starting to come into her own. Also Ryan Murphy's infatuation with Paulson might make her top dog.

Myrtle: 1,000,000 to 1

Fun to contemplate, but no. She's always wanted to be Supreme, but she's simply not a leader. Just keep playing your theremin and saying ridiculous things, Myrtle. That's where you shine.

So, here are my two predictions for what is actually going to happen, because any of the above is too obvious. I'm thinking that every single person I've listed will be dead by the end of the finale -- but again, just a guess, as are these:

1) The next Supreme will be Fiona, as I guessed from the second or third episode. We never saw her die, so maybe she's alive; also, are we really supposed to believe the most major character in "Coven" just gets hacked to death, thrown in the swamp, and that's it? That can't be it. We'll see Fiona in the finale, when she comes back to Robichaux, kills them all, and re-becomes Supreme. (Did anyone else notice Myrtle putting the flowers behind Fiona, and then Fiona's nose started bleeding? I'm starting to think she was making her believe she was sicker than she actually was ... so she'd leave Robichaux to "die," thus leaving the coven in safer hands. Also, the whole segment with the nightshade and Madison.) No, our Fiona will be back, stronger than ever, and will take what's rightfully hers. Supreme powers are surely strong enough to eradicate cancer and reassemble body parts from the swamp, right?

2) In lieu of 1) happening, let's not forget Spalding with Marie's abducted hospital baby up in the attic, who just so happens to be a little girl. Who's to say she won't absorb all of Fiona's powers and be the next Supreme, safe in the arms of Spalding? (I know, he's dead, but ... ah hell, I don't know.) So in this scenario, they all die, including Fiona, and the little girl will grow up to rule the coven.

Or something completely out of left field will happen. Hey, "Coven" fans know that literally anything, anything can take place. I'll have my witch/warlock hat on next Wednesday to find out.