01/24/2014 07:35 EST | Updated 03/26/2014 05:59 EDT

Edmonton Senior Found Living In Deplorable Apartment, Police Investigating

EDMONTON - Edmonton police are investigating what it is calling elder abuse after a 73-year-old woman was found living in deplorable conditions.

Const. Darren Smith says the rental apartment the woman was living in was filled with black mould and the kitchen ceiling had collapsed due to leaking water.

He says there were also constant electrical failures.

Smith says the woman finally called Catholic Social Services because she felt trapped and unable to move due to financial constraints.

The woman was taken to hospital for observation and has since been released.

Alberta Health has condemned the apartment and the landlord has been ordered to repair the damages.

"There were actually electrical shocks that came out of an outlet that was in the bathroom about 12 feet away," Smith said.

"So, of course for me that was a big indication of a fire hazard, a fire concern."

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