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Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway Pose For 1860s-Style Photos At Sundance Film Festival (PHOTOS)

Victoria Will/Invision/AP
EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM RATES APPLY- Kristen Stewart poses for a tintype (wet collodion) portrait at The Collective and Gibson Lounge Powered by CEG, during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP)

What would Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway look like if they lived in the 19th century?

Photographer Victoria Will took a series of photographs featuring celebrities at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and transformed them into vintage portraits from the 1860s.

This year, KStew and Hathaway joined "Dexter" actor Michael C. Hall, Elle Fanning, Diane Kruger, Rachel McAdams and more as subjects for Will's pet project.

The results are not only beautiful but also a bit eerie; shot in black and white, the actors are a bit blurry and out of focus, giving them an authentic vintage look despite the modern clothes on their backs.

The process of creating these tintypes was challenging. According to the Daily Mail, they were "made by creating a direct positive on a thin sheet of iron coated with dark lacquer."

Will explained why she made these photographs to Esquire:

"A year ago I had my tintype portrait made at the Photoville festival in Brooklyn by the Penumbra Foundation, and since that moment I have been intrigued by wet plate work, you might even say obsessed. I am fascinated by the slow process, the finicky nature of the chemistry, and the beauty in each unpredictable result. There is something really special in each wet plate being one of a kind. It's incredibly honest."

Take a look at the photos below:

Kristen Stewart:

Anne Hathaway:

Willem Dafoe and Rachel McAdams

Diane Kruger:

Michael C. Hall

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