01/24/2014 10:15 EST | Updated 01/24/2014 12:59 EST

Stunning Photos From Canadian Killed In Afghanistan Will Break Your Heart

Peter McSheffrey was a devoted family man, volunteer and a talented photographer. He was also an accountant, and it was his work that brought the Ottawa native to Afghanistan. McSheffrey was an avid traveller who had visited many far-flung countries, but this trip was to be his last. On January 17, McSheffrey and a colleague, Martin Glazer, were killed in a suicide attack on a Kabul restaurant. Nineteen other civilians also lost their lives.

McSheffrey is remembered by friends and family for his passion for seeing the world. He often travelled with his camera and had an eye for beautiful glimpses of everyday life: a child's smile, a farmer at work or an elderly man pausing to rest. His stunning images show the world in its joyous, quiet and awe-inspiring moments – at its best.

Check out some of these amazing shots below. All photos courtesy of the McSheffrey family and Flickr.

Peter McSheffrey photographed in Morocco during a family trip last summer.

"Dancing girls" from a 2013 trip to Namibia

"Looking for a little peace" from a 2011 trip to Laos, Burma and Cambodia

"Family outing" from a 2010 trip to Ecuador

"Road unpaved" in Namibia

"Sea of cauliflower" from a 2011 trip to Laos, Burma and Cambodia

"Easy rider" from a 2013 trip to Morocco

"Rainbows everywhere" from a 2009 trip to Patagonia

"Havana kids" from a 2006 trip to Cuba

"You've had a long day" from a 2013 trip to Namibia

"Clowning around" in Namibia